Angle Cut Pendant Light


The Angle Cut Pendant Light boasts a sleek, geometric design that exudes both delicacy and drama, commanding attention wherever it’s placed. Its slim angular profile serves as a captivating centerpiece, accentuating spaces with its striking presence. This micro-topped concrete light, complete with a suspension wire, not only creates layers of illumination but also adds depth and richness, showcasing its raw texture in a mesmerizing display.

Each piece of this pendant Lamp is a testament to our commitment to quality and design. It’s time to illuminate your space and spread joy with this handcrafted marvel.

Engineered for low maintenance, our products demand only basic care to avoid hard falls and water accumulation. A simple wipe with a dry cloth keeps this concrete masterpiece in top-notch condition. Embrace the elegance of this Angle Cut Pendant Light—an illuminating statement that brings both light and artistry to your space.

Dimensions – 5″x5″x7″
Material : Concrete
Shape : Pendant Shape
Colour : Concrete
Qty: 1 Piece (including Filament Bulb)