Grey configuration Wall Art


Grab this stunning and premium-quality Greyish blue configuration Wall Art crafted for a luxurious and modern home. The circular concentric configuration of this round masterpiece adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Crafted from high-quality HDF material, this wall art emanates durability and opulence.

Choose from a range of sizes, from 16″ to 30″, to perfectly complement your space, whether it’s a grand living room or a cosy bedroom nook. And transform your walls into a visual masterpiece. The greyish blue colour adapts beautifully, harmonizing with both cool and warm palettes.

The captivating greyish blue colour brings tranquillity and modernity to your surroundings. More than just wall art, it’s an experience. Invest in elegance and tranquillity with this captivating piece. Order yours today!

  • Size: 20.5″x20.5″
  • Colour: Grayish Blue
  • Material: HDF
Color: Cool Grey