Square Concrete pendant light


Presenting Square Concrete pendant light which is a fusion of modern aesthetics and rugged sophistication. The Step Pendant Lamp, crafted from micro-topped concrete, exudes an edgy appeal with its distinctive right-angle cuts, adding a touch of warmth and style to its sharpness.

These sleek Square Hanging Lamps are ideal for kitchens and rooms, elevating your ambience with an industrial-chic vibe. Complete with electrical fittings, these lights promise both functionality and a striking design.

Designed for low maintenance, these Square Concrete Pendant Lights demand minimal attention. To preserve their quality, avoid hard falls and water accumulation, while a simple wipe with a dry cloth suffices for cleaning. Embrace the geometric elegance and durability of our Square Hanging Lamps—an ideal addition to modern interiors.

Dimensions – 5.5″x5.5″x10″
Material : Concrete, wooden handle
Shape : Square
Colour : Concrete
Qty: 1 Piece (with Filament Bulb)