Sunlight Weaver Bamboo Pendant Lampshade


Introducing the Wisteria Lattice Bamboo Pendant Lamp Shade, where Scandinavian minimalism meets the airy charm of an open weave. Handcrafted from sustainable bamboo, this exquisite piece filters sunlight through its delicate lattice, casting mesmerizing patterns and a warm, welcoming glow. Hang it in any corner of your home – corridors, children’s rooms, bedrooms, or above your dining table – for a touch of artistry and texture that complements both modern and rustic environments. Each shade transforms any bulb into a gentle sunbeam, filling your space with serenity and diffused light. Let the Wisteria Lattice Bamboo Pendant Lamp Shade weave its magic into your home.

Length: 60 CM, Width: 51 CM, Height: 20 CM