Woven Sunbeam Bamboo Light


Sunlight peeks through its intricate weave, painting your walls with a dappled symphony of shadows and bathing your space in a tranquil, textured glow. This Woven Sunbeam Bamboo Light exquisite, open-weave bamboo masterpiece evokes the zen serenity of a sun-drenched bamboo grove, transporting you to a haven of soft light and gentle whispers. Imagine dinner bathed in its warm embrace, a reading nook infused with its calming aura, or an entryway illuminated by its welcoming grace. Embrace the warmth of the sun, woven into the light. Order your Woven Sunbeam Bamboo Pendant today!

SMALL (Diameter: 40 cm, Height: 37 cm)
MEDIUM (Diameter: 55cm, Height: 50 cm)