5 Creative ways to decore your home with Stunning Wall Clock

Are you struggling with what to decorate on your empty canvas or walls? Well, I have a great solution for you - Luxurious and premium quality wall clocks. I've brought you the best wall clocks that suit your walls according to their colours. So, I have 5 creative ways to ensure your empty walls don't look sad anymore. If you like any of the wall clocks, feel free to check them out and make a purchase

1. Geometric Vertical Wall Clock with Metal Frame

This wall clock I would like to consider at no.1 place. Whether your walls are white or light grey, this premium wall clock is a perfect fit for them. The wall clock comes in a vertical shape with 3 circles in a pattern. The silent sweep quartz movement ensures quiet operation, while the large, contrasting hands offer excellent readability. 

This stylish wall clock, measuring 30 inches tall and 15 inches wide, enhances the beauty of your living room and is versatile enough for bedrooms or offices. With its luxurious golden metal frame and a combination of brass and MDF materials, this must-have clock is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a modern and functional timepiece.

2. Blue Stylish Wall Clock with Golden Metal Frame

In the second place, I would like to feature another vertical wall clock that comes in a stunning cobalt blue colour. This clock's design is very unique, featuring 3 layers. The first layer, the frame, is crafted from polished brass, while the remaining two layers are made from MDF. 

This silent quartz movement clock ensures quiet operation and is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a modern timepiece. Measuring 34 inches tall and 10 inches wide, the clock would suit your space best if you have navy blue or light grey walls.

3. Black Modern Antique Wall Clock

I know this wall clock might come in first place for many people because of its unique pattern, which makes it especially attractive.  This is The Brand Barrel's most antique wall clock, which is why we also named it the "Modern Antique" wall clock. This wall clock appears round from most angles, but its shape separates it from others when viewed from different perspectives.  The golden hands of the clock are made from brass, and the rest of the clock is crafted from premium-quality MDF material.

4. Grey Capsule Wall Clock 

This wall clock also comes in a unique capsule shape with a long, golden frame. The long golden frame is crafted from brass, while the clock face is made from MDF and features a cool, light grey matte finish. If you're looking for a vertical Handmade wall clock that fits and suits a small wall, then this is an excellent choice. 

This silent quartz movement clock ensures quiet operation and is a perfect space-saving option, measuring 35 inches tall and only 8 inches wide.  Due to its sleek design and moisture-resistant MDF material, this clock would be perfect for small walls in hallways, kitchens, or even bathrooms.

5. Black Modern Wall Clock with Silver Abstract Pattern

Unlike the previous clocks, this stylish and Designer modern wall clock is a perfect fit for any wall colour. Black and white are the only colours that easily go with other colours, making this clock incredibly versatile. The clock's design is unique, featuring a silver abstract pattern that adds a modern touch. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a timeless addition to your home, this black and silver wall clock is sure to impress.

If you are still confused about which wall clock is the perfect choice for your space, then you can explore The Brand Barrel's luxurious, fancy, and stylish wall clock collection.

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