Oversized wall clock for your living room

Oversized wall clocks are now gaining the most popularity in terms of wall decor. But why should you look for these wall clocks? If your home walls are empty and looking for some creative way to decorate them, then an oversized wall clock is the best choice for all. This stunning wall clocks are making your walls look more attractive and premium. 

The Brand Barrel, is a hub of stunning wall clocks, to make a statement with a luxurious touch on your empty walls. 

At The Brand Barrel, every oversized wall clock is made from premium quality MDF material, which are the one-stop solution for your space. These clocks are more than just a timekeeper, it’s an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your house. 

But do you know why oversized wall clocks are becoming the centre of attraction nowadays? As we move into 2024, the trend to decorate your home and office space is also becoming more common. Nowadays everyone wants to make their living space look luxurious and premium. And that’s why wall clocks are trending. 

Oversized wall clocks aren't just about telling time - they're statement pieces that elevate your living room. They become a stunning focal point, grabbing attention from any angle. The large numerals make time-telling a breeze, even from across the room. Plus, in spacious living areas, an oversized clock helps balance the proportions and creates a sense of cohesion. 

Best Oversized Wall Clock to Decore Living Room

The Brand Barrel offers the following stunning and luxurious oversized wall clock to decore living room space. 

1. Geometric Vertical Wall Clock:- 

This stunning Geometric Vertical oversized Wall Clock features a metal frame with a brushed gold finish. The clock face is set within two intersecting circles, creating a unique and modern look. The clock is silent and powered by batteries, making it perfect for any living room, office, or cafe.

2. Grey Capsule Wall Clock:-

This captivating oversized timepiece features a unique capsule design encased in a gleaming gold metal frame. If you are looking for a premium oversized wall clock for your living room, office space, or cafe, our grey abstract wall clock is the only solution.

This wall clock comes in two different colours:- Black and Grey. The silent movement ensures a peaceful ambience, making it a perfect addition to your living room, office, or any space craving a touch of sophistication.

3. Blue Stylish Wall Clock:-

Step into the future of timekeeping with the Blue Capsule Oversized Wall Clock. This captivating piece features a mesmerising blue capsule design encased in a gleaming gold metal frame, creating a luxurious statement for your living room or office.  

The high-quality material ensures durability, while the silent movement allows you to enjoy a peaceful ambience. This oversized clock boasts an analogue display with a vintage-inspired touch. 

4. Blue Abstract Wall Clock:-

This luxurious Blue Abstract Wall Clock adds a striking vertical element to your space. You can elevate the look and feel of your living room, office, or any other place with our stunning and luxurious blue oversized wall clock. It is vertical and appears to hang from a hook on the wall.

Available in both black and blue, this blue oversized clock seamlessly integrates with your existing decor. 

5. Black Vertical Abstract Wall Clock:-

This stylish oversized wall clock is enough to make your space luxurious. The minimal abstract design and the golden clock handle make the clock look more premium. This oversized wall clock is designed to be silent, so you do not need to worry about tick tick sound anymore. What are you waiting for, add to cart our stunning black vertical wall clock today.

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